5 Plumbing Facts

Most of us do not put a lot of thought into our plumbing system until there’s a problem and a professional is needed to rectify that issue. Nonetheless, plumbing is pretty interesting when the time to learn more about it is taken. Why not learn a few plumbing facts, starting with the five listed here?

Fact 1: Comparing Plumbers is Important

Before hiring a plumbing contractor wantagh, request estimates to find the best priced contractor to serve your needs. It’s easy and free to compare; don’t miss out on the chance to save.

Fact 2: The Most Popular Plumbers Ever

Believe it or not, it’s Mario and Luigi, the Nintendo game characters we all knew and loved as a child. Who would’ve ever thought it’d be fictional cartoon characters to be the most popular?

Fact 3: The Discovery of the Toilet

It was in 1596 that the toilet was invented. John Harrington developed the toilet and flushing system, and as they say, the rest is history.

Fact 4: Insulating Pipes is Helpful

To anyone that wants to save money and get hot water quicker, insulating the pipes is a good idea. This is a DIY job but a plumber can also do it if you prefer. The first year, you’ll notice dramatic differences that you can appreciate.

Fact 5: Upgrade the Plumbing Fixtures

New, modern plumbing fixtures are made to save you water, energy, and money, and most are well-worth the money that it costs to upgrade. A low-flow toilet, for example, can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water over the course of a single year.

Did you know any of the plumbing facts listed above? These are only some of the cool facts about plumbing that you probably didn’t already know.


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