How to Make Your Granite Countertops Last a Lifetime

When you purchase countertops for your kitchen, you want long-lasting, durable countertops that add flair, elegance, and value to the home. The last thing that you want to do is replace the countertops on a regular basis, or worry about damages and costly repairs. When you opt to add granite countertops chantilly va to your kitchen, your worries are over. These countertops look great and add the perfect touch of decor and style to any kitchen or bathroom. And, you can enjoy the countertops for a lifetime. If you wonder how this is possible, it is quite simple, really. You just need to learn how to properly care for the countertops and ensure that you take all actions to do just that, if you wish to enjoy a lifetime of use with your granite countertops.

Caring for granite countertops is fairly easy and inexpensive, so there’s little excuse not to keep the countertops clean and orderly. Besides, who wants the room to look dirty and unkempt with countertops that are less than flawless?  It’s important that you begin caring for your countertops the moment they are installed, and continue caring for them for a long time to come, if you wish to have them for a lifetime. But, how do you care for granite, you ask?

First and foremost, wipe any spills immediately. Acidy foods and drinks can stain granite if it is not cleaned immediately. A damp cloth works great to clean accidental spills and messes. Use a baking soda and peroxide mixture to remove any staining that you notice on the countertops. The biggest concern that homeowners have with granite is that it stains easily. Luckily, removing those stains is just as simple to do. Carefully choose the cleaners that you use on your granite, avoiding abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals.


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